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1. Contents of on-line offer

All offers are not-binding and noncommittal. The author reserves itself it expressly to change parts of the sides or the entire offer without separate announcement to supplement to delete or the publication occasionally or finally to stop.

2. References and links

If to external on the link of direct or indirectly one refers, which lie outside of the area of responsibility of the author, this clings then only if she from the contents of knowledge has and it technically possible and reasonable were to prevent the use in case of illegal contents. For contents and in particular for damage, going beyond it, which develops from the use or disuse kind of such of presented information, alone the offered/the contractor of these sides, not that, is responsible which refers over left to the respective publication only. This restriction is valid equally also for foreign entries in from the author furnished guest books, panels, Chart rooms and mailing lists. The author is not responsible for entries of third persons there. Racist, sexist and co tempting for human beings entries are deleted immediately after information by the author.

3. Copyright

The author is anxious to consider in all publications copyrights of the used diagrams, sounds and texts of it provided diagrams, sounds and texts to use or on license-free diagrams to fall back sounds and texts. If an unmarked, but by strange copyright protected diagram, a sound or text should be nevertheless on the respective sides, and then the copyright could not be determined by the author. In case of such an unintentional copyright injury the author will remove and/or with the appropriate copyright will mark the appropriate object after notification from its publication. The copyright for published, of the author provided objects remains alone with the author of the sides. Duplication or a use of such diagrams, sounds or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without express previous agreement.

4. Legal force of this non-liability

This non-liability is to be regarded as part of the Internet offer, from which to this side one referred. If parts or individual formulations of this text of the valid legal situation should not correspond, to no more or not completely, the remaining parts of the document remain untouched in their contents and their validity by it.

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